The Kind Hills - Sleepy indiepop from an international brand of slackers

Official release: 31 July 2024
ISRC: CAGOO2402655

New song:
A Place Like Home

'A place like home', the first new song, is released on 31 July 2024. It is a calm and soothing song, inspired by a camping trip the band took together a long time ago. The place was Nannup, a little village somewhere in Western Australia. But the place itself is not important. It represents any personal memory of a place or moment that provides refuge, comfort, and support whenever life feels overwhelming.
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The next song 'Woke' will follow end of August.

Since then, Martin has joined the band as songwriter and lead singer. He is an old friend of the band and lives in Brisbane/Australia. This makes the connection of the Kind Hills with Australia even stronger. It's not only where all the band members have met a long time ago, it's also a main inspiration thematically and musically. And now, it's also where almost half the band lives.

Martin and Roman have been and are actively writing new material. Wanting to keep things simple and pressure low, no follow up album is currently planned. Instead, the band just focusses on one song at a time and releases a new track at the end of every month. Starting July 2024.

The Kind Hills are a group of old friends who met while studying in Perth/Australia many years ago. They went to many concerts of local bands like Custard, Regugitator, Mach Pelican or Eskimo Joe, became friends with the people working at their local bottleshop, partied whenever there was an opportunity and explored the city and surroundings.

Now they live scattered across the world. Martin (Brisbane/Australia) and Roman (Lucerne/Switzerland) are doing most of the writing, producing and singing, with invaluable vocal contributions and ongoing encouragements from Chase (Hong Kong), Jessica (London/UK), Brett (Perth/Australia) and Bea (Los Angeles/USA).

Their unusual approach to songwriting, recording and collaborating is the foundation of their laid-back, dreamy music and truly exemplifies music’s boundless potency in a world more interconnected than ever.

The songs take a humorous look at everyday joys and challenges. The Kind Hills never take themselves very seriously which is also their recommendation on how to deal with life. Do you need a sense of humor to like their music? No! But it helps.

In July 2023 their debut album Clusterluck was released. 'Let youth take over' and 'Waiting for the good times' were released as singles ahead of the album and gained quite some radio airplay in Australia, Switzerland and the US. Afterwards all members of the band focused on their other musical projects for a little while.

Band bio

The full band: Martin, Brett, Bea, Roman, Jessica & Chase

Martin & Roman

1. Summer
2. Waiting for the Good Times
3. Get Away
4. Let Youth Take Over
5. Volunteer
6. Yoshimi
7. Up and Down Activity
8. Never Too Late to Procrastinate
9. Under Siege 2
10. Heaven

Clusterluck (2023)

The album Clusterluck features super relaxed tunes that are quiet, cozy and warm. The band call it 'music to fall asleep to' and they mean that in a postitive way. It's the perfect soundtrack for a chilled picnic in the countryside, an exhausted or hung-over moment in bed or a long, beautiful road trip.

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“Taking a refreshing, ethereal turn towards a tranquil brand of indie pop...” - GongScene

“Channeling an invigorating slice of mellow indie pop...” - Remington Magazine

“I cannot stop listening. Feels incredibly dialed in and yet somehow still comes across as effortless.” - College Radio Charts